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April is a month of commemoration in the Vietnamese Canadian community because of events happening in 1975 that led to an exodus of refugees from Vietnam in the 1970’s and 80’s. This year, we are planning to hold another ceremony on Parliament Hill. Sadly, David will not be with us to show his support.

It was with profound sadness that we learned of David’s passing on April 5, 2022. A few days before that, when we were made aware of his deteriorating health, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation asked Ms. Dau-Thi Huynh to pay David and Laura a visit on behalf of the Federation. The visit took place on March 31, where according to Ms. Huynh, David was being his cheerful self and talked with his guest for 2 hours. Little did we know that time was running out quickly.

Over the years, David was a steadfast supporter of the Vietnamese Canadian community and a staunch advocate for the cause of democracy and human rights in Vietnam. The most recent events co-sponsored by the Vietnamese Canadian Federation that he attended as a speaker were a conference on food safety and environmental pollution in Vietnam in November 2018, and a conference on human rights in Vietnam in June 2019. He also took part in various rallies on Parliament Hill and in front of the Vietnamese Embassy to lend his support to the Vietnamese Canadian community’s demands for democracy in their country of origin. Furthermore, as an MP from Edmonton, David undoubtedly built a strong bond with the Vietnamese community in that city

The story of friendship could have continued for a long time, such were David’s energy and commitment, but fate has decided otherwise. Nonetheless, David will forever remain with us as a role model and a source of inspiration.

Minhtri Truong

President, Vietnamese Canadian Federation

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